The Agony and the Ecstasy / by Scott Newland

The steel garage roof - the ONLY construction element preventing us from closing and moving in - was to be finished today.  Instead, nothing got done, and so we continue to wait.  And wait.  We are very thankful for the friendship and hospitality of friends who are sharing their home with us (and the cat!) as we await the day when we can finally take possession of our new home.  Thank you, Mike and Jeanne!!  There will always be a guest room for you when you need it.

Inside the house, punch list items are being addressed, and I am finishing the final bath accessory installations (a combination of Gatco and IKEA).  Recently, I installed some of the salvaged cabinets in the laundry room.  These cabinets were taken from the old house's kitchen.  Soon, I'll install the shelves and doors.

Outside, we hired a veteran who was advertising rototilling services.  If things go according to plan, he'll churn up the concrete-like soil tomorrow (which I'm trying to soften a bit with the sprinkler), and we'll then fine-tune the grading and spread some topsoil.  We'll either seed or mix sod and seed as a base.  Once turf is established, we'll start to subtract it and substitute it with native ground covers and various plant materials.  And, of course, plant the 6-8 trees we need to add to satisfy the city.

By the way, I'm past the halfway point in Irving Stone's The Agony and The Ecstasy (1961).  Not only is it a good book, but it captures our general state of mind as we endure these endless delays.