Tests, Ratings and Tilling / by Scott Newland

The final blower door test was conducted today and showed that the house is very tight: 0.83 ACH @ 50 Pascals.  Current residential code requirements are for a maximum of 3 ACH, and Passivehaus requires a maximum of 0.6 ACH.  Ductwork was also tested and proved to be well-sealed.  The house's HERS score is 47.

I went over the LEED checklist with Building Knowledge's Pat O'Malley this morning.  The house should achieve LEED Silver certification once all the paperwork has been submitted.  Although I was shooting for Gold, my main purpose was to go through the process, learn from it, and apply those lessons to the next new home design.

Over the weekend, the site was rototilled.  We then fine-tuned the grading and started to prepare the site for ground covers and plants.