I love to sketch, especially when traveling.  Sketching forces me to slow down and "see" the subject much differently than I would if I simply took a picture (it also greatly frustrates anyone I'm traveling with at times).  I started this habit in China in 1981, and was often surrounded by curious locals who no doubt wondered what this pale foreigner was up to.  Those drawings - a few of which are shown here - were tentative, but sketches done on later trips were larger and bolder, using more contrast and color.  Most drawings were done in pencil or with a felt tip pen.  The watercolors show my incompetence with that medium, but it's fun to try and sometimes the attempts turn out as intended.

There are two individuals that I'll always acknowledge as my inspiration in this area: Michael Plautz and Francis D.K. Ching.  Michael was my boss and mentor when I worked with him at RSP Architects (Michael was the "P"), and his skills in field sketching and watercoloring are second to none, in my opinion.  He died, too young, in 2012, but worked hard to see his monograph published (Draw, published by Octane Press).  It is one of my prized possessions, and I recommend to anyone who reads this: Buy a copy!  Francis D.K. Ching is someone I first discovered through his textbook, Building Construction Illustrated, and I was impressed not only with the content and its clarity, but with the fact that he drew everything and lettered the entire text.  He remains a frequent blogger and his sketching is still a paragon of delicacy and composition.

I hope you enjoy this small gallery!

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