Published / by Scott Newland

Initiated by our builder, we jointly pitched the house to the editor of Spaces magazine.  It was selected as a joint-project article and today we received the published issue.  The article (pp. 72-87), which also features an urban infill house in St. Paul, was written by Heidi Raschke.

I took the photos for the article in late June.  At that time, several things were not yet done (like the roof trim around the flat roof; easily visible in the photo included) and we had not closed on the house.  But, we had moved in just enough furniture so that I could PhotoShop additional items in and make the interior look done.  I even had to digitally add grass to the main exterior shot!

Now, by the way, the roof trim is done but the interior is nowhere near ready for final photography!  All room are strewn with boxes from the move-in and we're about halfway through the long sorting and putting-away process.