Thanks amidst the consolidation / by Scott Newland

After a hectic, trying week, and a weekend spent on the North Shore, we are starting the Grand Consolidation.  This is the somewhat novel process (to us) of gathering our stuff from scattered locations and finding places for all of it in our new abode.  It's going to take some time, but there are clear priorities: the cat's needs, of course, followed by some essentials in the new 'fridge, and then of course a fast, secure internet connection.  Check, check, and check.

For his gracious and comfortable hospitality up near Schroeder, we thank "Chuckles", the long-standing family friend who knew my father before Dad met Mom.  Thanks for the eats, the rocks, the stories, and the memories, Charlie Crocker!

For everything else over the last 7 weeks, we are in debt to old friends M. & J. for more than we care to list here.  You two saved us, and let us live (and for me to work) in comfort and in the company of good and generous souls.  We'll always remember.