The Future Garden of Eden / by Scott Newland

The backyard of the house remains very much a work in progress, but we took a few steps forward today.  We transplanted the third tree from a property in Edina (a "limelight tree hydrangea" - one of three) to a spot between the future rain garden and the garage.  The rain garden will be dug down, and surrounded by more native landscaping and mulch.  This is starting to sound like a Laurie Anderson song (turn left where they're thinking of putting in the native grasses.... you can't miss it).

JoAnn can be seen separating tall grasses into pots.  These will go up on the roof garden's south planter box, providing a sense of spatial definition as well as some shade.

As to the transplanted trees, the arborvitae in the front yard is looking good.  The new backyard cherry tree looked droopy yesterday, perked up this morning, and looked droopy again by late afternoon today.  Who knows if it will survive or not.  Late summer is one of the worst times for transplanting trees, but we don't have much choice.  Will the hydrangea make it?  If not, it might make more sense to buy new from a nursery and abandon the other trees two miles away.