All systems go(ing in) / by Scott Newland

This one view shows the three different building systems (beyond structural) currently wrapping up their rough-ins: Practical Systems is doing the supply and return air ducts, Master Plumbing Services is doing the plumbing and radon venting, and Horizon Electric is doing the line and low voltage wiring.

Two lessons I've learned in this process so far are 1) that floor trusses are the only way to go (as opposed to the I-joists shown here*), and 2) that it will be well worth the time in the future to model the ducts and pipes in 3D as well as the structural framing, recessed light fixture housings and electrical boxes. I'm already doing the latter two, but thinking through and then modeling the ducts and pipes is something I have the software to do and simply need to do.  It was a matter of time and ignorance that prevented me from doing so on this house.

* We use floor trusses on the upper level and it makes routing so much easier.