Framing while awaiting Glulams / by Scott Newland

We're awaiting the massive glu-laminated beams that will traverse the main floor living space and support the trusses which will bear the low, "flat" roof.  Until then, the framers are erecting temporary supports as they complete the floor trusses under the conditioned bedroom and bathroom spaces.

In the current issue of SPACES, a feature article points out how a homeowner added fake beams to their remodeled kitchen to give the illusion of the space being a "working chateau kitchen", or some magical thinking like that.  In our house, the beams will be real, exposed, and doing honest work.

Bonus: Spot the two errors in the photo above!  Hint #1: One is structural, pertaining to bearing area and crushing.  Hint #2: The other is impossible to tell in the photo, but prohibits the locating of a salvaged cabinet.  Advice based on this find: Instead of allowing an extra ½" for a cabinet, allow an extra 2" for contractor inattentiveness.  One would think that I would have learned this by now.

Apparently not.