Quick & crunchy erasure of history for you to see / by Scott Newland

On Tuesday, the 92-year-old house that formed part of the 52xx Drew Avenue South neighborhood was erased.  The power tools used were a CAT backhoe and several dump trucks.  According to our Bollig handler, very little of the debris will end up in a landfill.  Most of it will be picked apart into various waste streams for any afterlife purposes the materials may serve.

From the point where the first damage was done, it took only 45 minutes for the framed portion of the house to be crumpled and shoved into the basement.  By the time I returned to the site 4 hours later, there was nothing left but a smooth excavation pit.

92 years, including who knows how many remodeling and improvements over the decades, erased in less than half a day...