Mounting Anxieties / by Scott Newland

It's important for me to keep the content of this blog open and honest.  Construction is not all smooth, exciting times!  This is one of the other times, when not much is happening and anxieties mount.  Granted, Thanksgiving week brings its own pause, but the fact is that the continued delay in getting Les Jones Roofing out to install the TPO membrane roof means that the flat roof and its temporary tarps are letting in a LOT of water - melt water from the snows over the last few weeks and now rain from the weekend.  As a result, the subfloor inside is soaked, and a steady trickle of water has made its way to the basement.  Because of this, the basement floor slab hasn't been poured and because of this, HVAC can't be completed, basement walls can't be framed (and so the framers haven't done anything about the garage), and this is holding up plumbing.  It's all because of the lack of having a dried-in house.

At some point, the house will be done and we'll be living in it and this will be one of things we look back at as part of the adventure.  I know that.  This doesn't make it easier to deal with while the helpless waiting and wondering continues, though.