Market Expectations / by Scott Newland

The house project continues, with some new thinking injected by our new realtor (we seem to have burned the first one out, as he and his wife are retiring and moving to another state!).  On one hand, my wife and I have our own set patterns of living, and expectations for the new home based on what we like and don't like about our current home.  We are modest in our lifestyle, do our own house cleaning and maintenance, and aren't aspiring to "luxury" living.  We believe in a light environmental footprint and believe that "green" should not be everyone's responsibility.  On the other hand, we are reminded that there will someday come a day where we'll sell this future home of ours.  If we live in the home we want in a neighborhood that we like, there will inevitably be a price point that we'll need to fit into so that we're not extreme outliers.  At that price point will come market expectations.  A future buyer will see certain deficiencies as deal-breakers, and demand various essentials if they're going to make the best offer.  How to balance these expectations against what we believe in, when the two clash?


I cannot wait, by the way, for the time where this blog becomes a daily thing and the new house is actually starting construction!