Waiting for HELOC / by Scott Newland

In one ring of the multi-ring build-a-house circus comes some initial financing.  This entails financing for both our existing home and the new property (when we find it).  The existing home requires some key updates to a few areas in order to get it ready for showing (when the time comes).  The new property is something we want to be able to make an immediate offer on when the time comes. Getting financing in place for both needs came down to applying for a home equity line of credit (HELOC).  This is a new thing for us, and it's been a revelation on how long the process takes.  We made the in-person application and submitted the necessary materials 5-1/2 weeks ago.  We are still waiting for approval, despite having excellent credit scores, minimal debt and clean financial backgrounds.  The wait time is surprising to us, and I put this in a blog post to share it with others who might be considering a similar action.