StarTribune: 23 Aug. 2009

The article, written by Judy Arginteanu, covered a dramatic split-level remodeling in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis.

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Southwest Journal: 12/19/16

I wrote this spontaneously after the first snowfall of the season, reflecting on what differentiates a house from a home.  I was in a somewhat sentimental mood.

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StarTribune: 6 Oct. 2009

Kim Ode wrote this general piece on creating a homework center in one's home, and she featured some of my thoughts on spaces I've done in client's homes as well the solution we came up with in our own home.

My daughter wishes it to be known that she was NOT a sixth-grader as the caption reads, but was in fact a SEVENTH-grader at the time.

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Architecture Minnesota: March/April 1987

I wrote a piece on Shenzhen, China, following my visit there several months earlier.  My focus was on the city's dramatic growth from the sleepy village I'd passed through five years earlier, as part of a foreign study trip with the University of Minnesota.  Since 1987, the city has only continued to grow.  It is, as of 2016, a city with over 11 million inhabitants!